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Is Peanut Butter powder good for you?

Is Peanut butter powder healthy?

Peanut Hottie tastes incredible, everyone knows this on day one, from a warm cup of Original or Chocolate, to using our gift to the world as a cooking ingredient. That’s because it’s almost entirely made from the best stuff. And by that we mean peanut flour. 


But why exactly is our peanut butter powder good for you? 


Let’s start with a few basics. Every jar of Peanut Hottie Original is 91.4% peanut flour. Then we add salt and sugar to complete our all-natural treat, which means it’s gluten free and vegan. When it comes to our delicious Chocolate flavour, our team simply introduces some cocoa powder and a little fat. In both cases, what we have is a drink made from peanut flour, and very little else. 


That core ingredient is important for more reasons than the amazing flavour. Peanut flour is only made from the highest-quality nuts, processed to reduce the fat without losing any of the key benefits: high in nutritional value, low in saturated fat — and 80% lower fat than peanut butter overall — it’s friendly to cholesterol levels, and a source of protein, dietary fibre, thiamin, folate, potassium and zinc. There’s also evidence to show it can help maintain a healthy heart. 


Peanut Hottie for a healthy lifestyle 

Because peanut flour is good for you, combining Peanut Hottie with other healthy foods can be a great way to create high-energy, low fat snacks, light meals, and other refreshments. 


Traditional companions to all-things peanut include oats, apples, celery and berries. But people can and really do go crazy. We even see peanut butter and pickle sandwiches recommended by the New York Times. But what if you’re using Peanut Hottie? 


One idea would be to put our peanut butter powder into a pancake mix, creating a fluffy, fun, but nutritional breakfast. You can do the same with porridge for another warming way to start the day. Or include it in recipes for sweet bakes like muffins, cookies, and biscuits. Peanut Hottie can also be used as a base for banana bread, just don’t forget oat, buckwheat, or plain flour. All of which is before we come to liquid lunches.

Dairy-free Peanut Hottie Original Banana Smoothie Recipe

Peanut flour is an excellent base for a great smoothie, so Peanut Hottie is, too. A delicious, decadent treat that’s also good for you, don’t forget you can swap Original for Peanut Hottie Chocolate if you prefer. Now, here’s what you need to make our all-time favourite:


2 tablespoons Peanut Hottie

1 cup unsweetened almond or oat milk 

1 frozen banana, sliced 

1 teaspoon cinnamon 

Granola, chocolate chips, blueberries (for toppings)

Extra ice, as needed




The best thing about our Peanut Hottie banana shake recipe is that it’s so easy. Put all the ingredients into your food mixer or blender, press go, and the job is done. 


Finally, add a little granola to the top, chocolate chips or blueberries if you prefer. Next, sit back and indulge. 


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