Updated: Mar 9

Now we are well and truly in to winter, we are already witnessing Christmas related nutty news this week.

Here are a couple of stories that have caught our eye.

A 76 year old, road kill enthusiast from Cornwall, has stated that he will be replacing a Turkey dinner for a more unusual choice, Dolphin!  Eccentric Arthur Boyt found the dolphin washed up on a beach near his house, and thought it would be a fitting accompaniment to his sprouts this Christmas dinner.  Last year Arthur tucked in to badger casserole. What do you think? Brave or just nuts?! 

In other news, a woman has sent her cat an advent calendar in the post, but the cat isn’t able to collect it as it doesn’t have ID! As no one was in to sign for the parcel that was addressed to the cat, it was carted off to the local post office who are stating they need to see proof of identification before releasing the gift. Oh dear, we hope this furry feline receives his calendar soon as, he is already 11 days behind!

Finally, sprouts. The vegetable that divides the nation on Christmas day, do we love them or hate them? If it is the latter, you should try pickling them!  In the run up to Christmas, newspapers are posting all sorts of recipes to help out their readers, this week we have seen ‘how-to’ pickle sprouts. Like the sound of this? With sprouts growing up to the size of golf balls this year, why don’t you try it and let us know. Rather you than us!

That is all for nutty news this week, let us know what Christmas nuttiness you’ve been up to!