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Easter can be a difficult time for those trying to eat healthily or even those with any dietary requirements. Easter traditionally is celebrated with a classic roast dinner and the exchanging of chocolate eggs; even though there are a few vegan options available now, making your very own Vegan Easter treats is now an even tastier, easier option with Peanut Hottie!

Peanut Hottie peanut butter powder is the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen this Easter.

The Peanut Butter Powder is available in Original and Chocolate. Just add equal parts water to create a deliciously smooth consistency that’s perfect for you! With 80% less fat than normal peanut butter and the convenience to add to all of your at home cooking or on the go healthy snacking.

This Easter why not try and make your own Vegan Hottie Bunnies?!

Hottie Bunnies are Chocolate covered peanut butter bunny shaped cups. First things first you’ll need…

•  Vegan chocolate •  Peanut Hottie peanut butter powder (either flavour) •  Water •  Cupcake cases

(Roughly 45 minutes to make 12 Bunnies)


  1. Mix equal parts peanut butter powder with equal parts water to create a paste in which will could be mouldable. (Chill in fridge)

  2. Melt your vegan chocolate in a glass bowl over boiling water (children will need adult supervision)

  3. Pour melted chocolate into cupcake cases (roughly 1/2cm thickness) then leave in fridge to chill.

  4. Place a heaped teaspoon of peanut butter mix into cases on top of chilled chocolate and smooth as much as possible.

  5. Pour second layer of melted vegan chocolate on top peanut butter. Place back into the fridge to chill.

  6. With remaining peanut butter roll pea sized balls of peanut butter, dip in chocolate and place near the bottom/centre of the peanut butter cup. (this is your bunnies tail)

  7. Make two bunny ears out of your peanut butter, dip in chocolate and place at the top of your peanut butter cup (these are your bunnies ears)

  8. Place in fridge to chill.

Updated: Mar 9

#NationalPorridgeDay… How to make your porridge more exciting

In honour of National Porridge Day falling on the 10th October, we want to showcase our three favourite toppings to make a sometimes dull breakfast staple that little bit more exciting…

Apple Pie Porridge

For those who want to embrace the autumnal season, this porridge is bound to get you feeling warm and toasty. Simply chop an apple before microwaving and add cinnamon, brown sugar or honey to taste once cooked.


Peanut Butter & Banana 

An alternative to the classic American style ‘PB & J’, this porridge uses just two ingredients, peanut butter and bananas. Simply add the ingredients before microwaving and voilà!

Fruit and Nut

For a fruity start to your day try this fruit and nut porridge. Pile in chocolate (add dark chocolate if you prefer), raspberries and hazelnuts before microwaving for the perfect decadent porridge.

What’s your favourite way to have porridge? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Our latest  #Chooseday comp was one of curiosity. We wanted to see how you eat your peanut butter (or if you eat it at all). If you’re like us, and we’re sure you are, you love peanuts and everything peanut flavoured. That’s why peanut butter is so amazing, smooth or crunchy, it’s truly to die for.

195 people joined in to tell us their favourite way to enjoy peanut butter – but what were the results?

Only three people said they enjoyed peanut butter on their breakfast. Over the years, peanut butter has been used in a range of mysterious and interesting ways and some people love it this way. One of the weirdest we’ve heard is Peanut Butter Eggs Benedict. Weird or wonderful? You tell us!

20 people said they didn’t like peanut butter at all – how sad! We couldn’t imagine a life without peanut butter on EVERYTHING. Have you heard of the many health benefits of eating it? Research shows that eating peanuts can decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. Healthy and delicious!

39 people said that they eat Peanut Butter straight from the jar. We must admit that we’re guilty of this too! It’s hard to resist and we can’t help but grab a spoon when we’re feeling a little peckish – yummy!

A whopping 109 people said their favourite was peanut butter on toast. We feel you – it’s amazing! Peanut butter on toast is the best treat, any time of the day. It’s no wonder that this was the most favoured way to enjoy peanut butter.

One of the choices was enjoying a Peanut Hottie. We don’t blame you if you voted for this, we’re pretty good. Peanut Hottie is delicious and only 83 calories – what more could you want? We feel like more people would of voted for Peanut Hottie if they knew that it can be used in recipes. OMG – WHAT?

Yeah, we’re not joking. We have a whole page dedicated to recipes and it’s forever growing with people all over creating amazing recipes for us to share. From oats to cake and brownies to pizza, we’ve got it covered. Take a look and tell us what you think!

PS, Don’t miss out on our #ChooseDay comps on Facebook

A delectably delicious, defatted low calorie peanut butter powder perfect for spreading on toast, snacks and using in baking, drinks and smoothies

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